Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society (BBS)

Founded in 2000 by a group of leading Bahraini businesswomen, the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society (BBS) fosters the empowerment of women locally and globally. Dedicated to supporting the career progression and success of all women in the business landscape, BBS helps to promote their members’ businesses and empower female entrepreneurs with best practices that adequately support and position them in today’s competitive business world. BBS connects women in the business community through the hosting of value added events, conferences and seminars, and by collaborating with strategic partners. BBS recognizes that women play a crucial role in the development and sustainable success of societies and economies and as such works to facilitate their success by providing opportunities for mutually beneficial business relationships to develop and grow, by offering guidance and encouragement for entrepreneurs, and by providing a platform where women can discuss the challenges they face, come up with innovative solutions, support each other through knowledge and experience sharing, and celebrate successes.


Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society is to be a globally sustainable, innovative and recognized network organization affecting positive change in the society and contributing to the entire economy of Bahrain.

Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society is a motivated and determined group of businesswomen in Bahrain whose goal is to pull a good network, to represent their members for constantly developed business and to promote, empower and support entrepreneurs with knowledge and best practices for a better position in the world of business.

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Board of Directors 2016-2018

Feryal Abdulla Nass


Sheikha Mariam Bint Hamad Al Khalifa

Vice President

Kaltham Abdullah Zainal

Secretary of the Board

Fatima AbdulKhaliq Al Dilawer


Waheeda Juma Al Doy

Vice Secretary of the board and
Head of Cultural & Training Committee

Vicky Saad Mouawad

Vice Treasurer & Head of Social Committee

Afnan Rashid Al Zayani

Head of Co-ordination and Follow-up Committee

Batool Mohammed Dadabhai

Head of Entrepreneurs Committee

Naeema Usman Baluch

Head of Economic Committee

Jameela Zouhair Hammouda

Head of Media and Public Relations Committee

Ahlam Yousif Janahi


Forum & Exhibition COMMITTEE

Ms. Feryal Abdulla Nass
Ms. Suhair Ali Bokhammas
Ms. Badreya Abdulla Sharif
Ms. Kaltham Abdullah Zainal
Ms. Sebahat Isik
Ms. Khulood Ahmed Abdulqader
Ms. Alia Abdulhussain Ameer
Ms. Fakhrea Ahmed Hassan
Ms. Manal Ahmed Al Seddiqi
Ms. Yasmeen Adnan Jamal
Ms. Manar Mohammed Sirriyeh